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Anthem Review

Ok so I’ve became a big fan of the game when it was shown on E3 and among million others I had high hopes with this game and was looking forward to it. Played Alpha, Beta, VIP and all the other access Anthem provided. After spending over 40 hours of the full game, I think I’m ready to give my final verdict.

Let’s start with character design and how it played out. The characters are well made, some with more emotions than others, stories are told with emotions and I even got to know and came to love a few characters too. Everything doesn’t work all the time but when it does work it works great. Sometimes character seems to forget if they want to be angry with me for not doing what they wanted me to do or they wanted to be happy for doing it for them, sometime their emotions feels very basic.

The base is a cool place to hang around and talk to people and it is designed wonderfully but sometimes the markers doesn’t work too well and you can get lost due to lack of pointers of where you should go. It isn’t a big deal as the place isn’t all that big, it just, sometimes it can take you longer to find what you are looking for.

Once you start to explore the world outside your base the world will look very unique to you but as you progress through the game and have already played 4-5 hours, it will start to look very basic to you as if you have memorised everything. You will be able to tell where the enemy will spawn and where the battle will be held as the world isn’t as random as a lot of you might expect it to be

I’m not gonna poke at all the nitty gritty stuff of the game that doesn’t make or break the game but let me tell you what makes this game stand out among others. The verticality. I’ve never had this much fun flying around, double jumping, dodging enemy attacks and attacking the enemy with my tracking missiles. All of these are just so much fun that I seriously want them to make a Iron Man game out of this.

Combat feels really good for the first few hours but then it dies down because of bugs like invisible damage, I mean I don’t know if it’s the latency in the game or what but it’s seriously piss taking when enemy attacks you and you don’t get any damage but when you continue to fight the enemy you just get damaged without anything hitting you.

Stories and main missions are interesting at start but starts to get boring due to unnecessary grind that you have to do in order to unlock main mission, I mean I wouldn’t mind if the missions were easy and interesting but no. You just basically have to deliver orbs from one point to another and stand on a capture point a thousand time, it’s not only that, you would have to find like hundreds of chest and open them in order to unlock certain missions and it’s not easy to find those without help.

There are some cool looking weapons in the game but those are locked behind end game wall so again you will have to grind in order to get those guns. The guns you get before the end game isn’t all that.

Last but not least, right now the loading screen, lags, random disconnects, having to put the game in SSD, these are the game breaking issue of the game and needs to be patched.


Anthem still can be a great game if developers can manage to patch out the problems it currently has


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