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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Now, before I start the review, let me make it very clear, I will not be indulged in political matters neither will I talk about how the game does or does not use politics or history or anything of that sort. It will just be a review based on how good or bad the game is and help you guys decide whether or not you should buy the game. If you guys are happy with that, go on ahead and give this review a read.

Let’s start with the campaign. I haven’t played much call of duty in my gaming life but this is one of the best campaign experience of this year so far. The story is around 5-6 hours long, yeah I know for some of you it isn’t long enough but a lengthy campaign doesn’t always mean it’s a good one, besides it’s a multiplayer based game anyway and campaign is just there to have a separate experience beside multiplayer. Also 5-6 hours is enough if the story is told the right way, I mean we get a full experience from a 2 hour movie isn’t it? I’m not saying it’s the same but you get the point.

Let me clear up the mindset you guys have from watching trailers and pre release marketing about the game graphics. It’s not all that. I mean the cutscenes are photo realistic but the game itself isn’t anything mind blowing. Except the lightings and gun graphics. The whole game still feels like it was made in 2015 or something but then again graphics alone doesn’t make or break a game it’s the whole experience and overall I can say the campaign is well thought out.

The game offers so much variety in every mission that you are pretty much satisfied at the end of it all and that’s what I meant when I said it’s all about overall experience and not length. It’s not just every mission you have to shoot people and the game ends. In one mission you have to fly RC planes that carries a bomb to destroy enemy helicopters and then from there you go on a completely different sniper based mission, there’s also a few stealth based mission where you can play however you like, you either go all gun blazing or you just disguise yourself as a worker, carry bricks and walk right past the soldiers towards your objective. There’s also a mission where you are not involved with any kind of firearms at all. You just have to lead someone to safety thru CCTV and a phone. You will also get to play as a child and there’s a boss fight like experience in there. If all of these aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger for variety then there are those missions everyone advertised & talked about, where you put on your night vision goggles and fight your way thru a tight space where you and your team stay dead silent and 1 shot kill enemies, those missions are the best part of the campaign and thankfully there are 3 missions that are like that.  I hope by now you have a much clear idea about how much variety the campaign has.

If the mission variety wasn’t enough the AI and audio just adds to an already awesome game. You no longer follow others lead on this game, instead you are the leader and you lead your team, meaning you are much likely to die more than you would in any other game, you are in the frontline almost all the time. Gun sounds are heavy and sounds really impactful. From the bullet casing dropping on the floor to bullet impacts on object and human body are really satisfying.

The campaign for me is a solid 8 but I have an unpopular opinion and that is I still think the graphics could have been better.

Let’s talk about the multiplayer, I don’t have much to talk about it and I’ll tell you why but before I begin that part, you guys remember I talked about variety in gameplay? Well it continues here aswell. Modern Warfare gives you broad battlefield like map to fight for flags 32v32 in a mode called ground war and the same game gives you a mode where you fight 2v2 in a very tight place.

This is not your fast paced running and gunning call of duty that you guys are so use to, it is still very fast paced compare to battlefield but at this time around it’s a bit more like battlefield than call of duty. You don’t get to reload after every kill as you get limited amount of bullets, if you are a good player you would count every bullet before you throw away that magazine. The faster time to kill changes things a lot aswell. There’s a mode called realism and its one of my favourite mode in the game. You get very limited HUD on this mode, you don’t even know if you have killed someone for sure because nothing pops up when you kill someone and that is great. I’d also like to mention something that I’m seeing a lot of you missed and that is hardcore mode, yes this game has one but it’s easily missable. You can find it in the filter of quick play when you press “R” on your keyboard.

Now, the reason I said I don’t have much to say about multiplayer is because its fun, but it has bugs and a lot of them and it has campers and too many camping spots for them aswell. I personally don’t mind them because I just run and gun and have my fun, I don’t care if I die by the hand of someone who has been sitting in one place for the entire game. The multiplayer segment of this game has so much potential that it could literally become one of the best multiplayer game of this genre but they really need to fix a lot of things.

Game is provide by the publishers

Very Good

I’m really happy with how the game turned out and the work of infinity ward really shines though the game. I just hope the game continue to improve instead of just stopping here or to make it worse maybe add lootbox down the line even tho they said there won’t be any stupid skin to the realistic guns or lootboxes but you never know.


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