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Doom Eternal Review

Ever saw a one liner review? Do you guys want one for Doom Eternal? Well, in that case I’d say if you are fan a of the 2016’s Doom then go and buy this one. Now for the people who likes nit-picking, read on.

Doom Eternal is basically Doom 2016 on steroids. Everything you loved about Doom prior is here and more. For those who didn’t play the Doom 2016, Doom Eternal is a fast paced demon slaying, Hell raising, gut wrecking, jumping and dodging first person shooter that puts you in a shoe of a Demon slayer who’s job is to slay demon and chew gum but he is all out of gum.

Doom Eternal is a really optimised piece of game, graphically it improved on Doom 2016 which was already a great looking game. The graphical change isn’t revolutionary by any means, but it sure does looks like a game that’s made in 2020. The one thing you would notice the most if you are coming from Doom 2016 is the colours. The colours are way more vibrant than it was in any other Doom before and its not a bad thing, it gives you the whole retro Doom vibe while being modern at the same time. It isn’t a power-hungry title but rather the more you give it the more it will take kind of title when it comes to performance. The devs said it could go upto 1000 fps if you have the rig for it. Personally, I was able to run in on 2K 60fps on maximum settings with a 1080Ti & 8700K.

If we are gonna talk about doom we gotta talk about music and damn the game has some intense music. If you’ve played the doom prior you would know what I’m talking about if not then make sure you are a metal fan because that’s what you gonna be listening to throughout the game, badass metal music and some intense choirs that will send chills through your spine.

A lot has changed in the gameplay section aswell. In Doom prior all you had to do is execute your enemy to get health or chainsaw them to get all sorts of stuff but devs wants us to be a bit more creative with Doom Eternal. You have to kill enemies in different ways depending on your needs. If you need health you weaken your enemy and punch their skull in, if you want shield then burn your enemy a bit before killing them, if you are in need of ammo then chainsaw them to death. Enemies are your main resource for hp, shield and ammo during a fight. There are lots of jumping and dashing this time around as developers introduced new double jump and dash mechanic which also means you will not be standing still at any given moment. You gotta keep moving otherwise you would be dead within seconds. Exploration are rewarded immensely this time around as there are more open areas and hidden areas to explore. So, people who takes their time to explore areas will definitely have an extra edge over the demons. All the weapons you came to love from Doom 2016 are back here with a bit of twist. All the weapon will feel similar but different at the same time. They have newer attachments and a different look but you would know which weapon you are holding if you’ve played Doom 2016. You will also have a flame thrower attached to your shoulder so you can cook the demons a bit before ripping them apart. You can also upgrade your suit to perform better or taking less damage from environment and stuff like that.

A very little people play Doom for their story but I personally feel like Doom tells a great tale and it’s not any different this time around. The story continues where Doom 2016 left of and it tells a hell of story but a lot of it are hidden behind logs, so if you really want to know the full story, you gotta find and read all the logs whenever possible.

I personally, only have two little complains about the game. One is, sometimes its difficult to find enemies due to the verticality of the arena and there are just so many layers of it that you have to jump, climb or simply drop onto a platform to find that one enemy that was hidden behind something and for that your objective wouldn’t open up, thus you can’t progress. My second complain is the introduction of platform jumping & dashing, I mean some people would just love it because it gives you that much needed rest after fighting a horde of demons but I personally died more from dropping off of a platform than fighting demons and it gets annoying when you fall from the same place again and again.

There’s also multiplayer in the game which has one game mode with more coming later but it isn’t really that special. You get to either fight as one of two zombies or the slayer. So it’s a 2v1 mode where you and someone else can be one of many demons in the game and one can be the slayer or vice versa and you three will just try to kill each other. Doom is known for its single player experience but multiplayer can also be fun when you wanna take a break and jump in with your buddy to kill someone. I’m sure with more multiplayer modes coming Doom Eternal will be a complete package.

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If you played and loved doom 2016, there’s no need to read or watch any review, just go and buy it and I promise you won’t regret it


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