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Gears 5 Review

Gears 5, the fifth installment of gears of war series is back with everything you love about the series and more. Let’s talk about the part where I said it offers “more”.

No matter how much we say graphics doesn’t matter, somewhere in a corner of our heart it always says, “ah I wish the graphics were better”. Gears 5s graphics isn’t a massive upgrade from gears 4 but it’s not bad either, yes at times it looks like gears 4 but when it looks good it looks awesome, especially on 4K ultra settings if you manage to pull that off. Talking about settings, I’ve managed to run the game at stable 60fps on 2K with an i7 8770K & a 1080 Ti all on ultra.

Gears 5 offers 12-13 hours of gameplay, more if you choose to do the side missions. Yes Gears 5 now has side missions and it also has a semi open world for you to explore. The side missions are scattered around the game world, you will be given an air skiff like vehicle to travel from one place to another, it doesn’t take too long to go from point A to point B to keep things interesting because the bad thing or shall I just say a missed opportunity of this game is that the devs could have made the open world way more interesting by putting some activity around the area maybe a few mini fights or enemies stuff like that but it’s completely empty, you just travel from one hub to another to do missions and get loot. With that being said the side missions aren’t boring or anything, they are usually around 5 to 10 mins long fights which will provide you with weapons or upgrade kit for “Jack”, we will come back to jack in a bit. You can also find relic weapons which are same weapons you have but more powerful with unique abilities attached to them, you can also find collectibles to unlock achievement and stuff. There are occasional boss battles here and there which also keeps things interesting.

Without spoiling anything about the story, gears 5 takes place after some time gears 4 has ended and all of the character you came to love in gears series are back on this installment. You play as Kait to find truth about her past. If you think Gears 5 is all about less talking, more shooting then you are wrong because gears 5 offers an absolute masterpiece of a story experience along with Micheal Bay style shooting and blasting your way thru hordes of enemies. I would like to separately praise the amazing voice acting and directing in this game which only adds to the already great story-line.

Jack your trusty robot drone needs its own paragraph and a special mention because this time around it’s not just there for show, it almost does all the hard work for you. From snatching weapons from the enemy to electrocute them, from opening safe to healing and reviving you and your teammate while you are down, jack does a shit ton of stuff to help you the whole game. You guys remember the upgrade stuff I was talking about before? Well if you do side missions you will get upgrade parts of jack which you can use to enhance either one of his ability to the max to do that thing best or you can just upgrade a bit of everything and make him a hybrid.

The arsenal you’ve been using to wreak havoc in gears series are back with a few new additions like the claw weapon. Each weapon has its relic counterpart that you can find in the game world which will give you a damage boost and a special ability.

Are you thinking Gears team has outdone themselves yet? Well, hold your horses because we haven’t even talked about multiplayer yet. Gears team didn’t just bring all the multiplayer modes from previous games, they even introduced a few more new ones

Multiplayer is fun whether you want to go PVE or PVP. The cover to cover based mechanic works really well here. You get 7 maps with launch and each and every one of them is designed really well to support the cover mechanic and also have enough space to flank the enemies. Gunplay is very accurate and balanced. From weaker pistols with minimum damage to one shot killing blow with shotgun in close range, everything works perfectly here.

Escape is the newest addition to gears multiplayer where you team up with 2 more people and escape from swarms of enemies and from a venom that’s slowly filling up the area. This is a nice pace of change as you will need to plan everything perfectly with your teammates in order to get escape.

Jack makes a return in multiplayer mode as-well, his unique ability to stun enemies and repair stuff is very fun to play. His ultimate is to control enemy player and do damage without taking any damage to himself for a limited amount of time. Jack also disappears when not taking any fire for some time.

Overall, I’d say this is the best Gears of War game made till date and it could have been ever better if they could utilise the open areas.

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Gears is back and its better than ever


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