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Metro Exodus Review

I can’t start the review without talking about the controversy around Metro being released in Epic store. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind game being released in different stores because I’m not steam fan boy and as long as I can buy the game and play the game I don’t really care where they are selling the game. What I do care about is promises that game company makes and then turn their back on the promises. Recently they announced that steam pre-load will begin before epic store and they broke their promise and we ended up getting the pre-load around 12 hours before release maybe less. Also Epic store is a headache to deal with, their customer service are as bad as they come and a simple refund can take upto 7 days or more. All controversies aside, Metro Exodus is a great game that could have done a lot better if it wasn’t for the store controversies

I loved both the Metros that came before it and the devs done a great job bringing the same tension and feeling onto this one aswell. The world of Metro isn’t confined in underground anymore. Metro is now a linear open world game, it’s way bigger than the last two metros but not as big as say, fallout 4 but it isn’t trying to be that big either. Metro’s open world is perfect for the reason it was created for. The world of metro has 4 seasons and each looks and feels completely different. The game looks absolutely beautiful in all platforms but be aware, you are gonna need a beast of a pc to run it at max settings. There are tons of graphics settings to play with but if you want the game to look absolute best you will need an absolute beast of a pc. Even if it’s not a fully open world game Metro manages to put a lot of world games to shame with its beautiful, scary, overwhelming landscape.

The character design in this game is nothing less than fantastic. From the main characters to even a random NPC was designed really carefully, and they are full of amazing details. The new and old monsters are designed wonderfully, from their expressions to the small hairy details on their body was absolutely terrifying to look at. With character design comes character voice and game sound. There isn’t a ton of music when you are roaming around the world like most of the games now a days but then again Metro isn’t like any other games either. When you are out and about, you don’t hear music, you hear distant sound of monsters, falling leaves, your footstep and all sorts of creepy stuff that going around you. Voice was good, spoked in strong Russian accent but if you really want the true experience, I’d suggest you to experience the game in Russian. There are occasional hiccups with voice and dialogues because the mouth syncing is terrible and sometime NPC would talk over other people before they could even finish their dialogues.

The story of Metro is slow but gripping, the story takes its time to open up and get to the point but thanks to good voice acting and plenty of side stuff it doesn’t get boring. The side missions always feels connected to the main mission which makes me wanna stretch the game time even more. The difficulty level is well balanced aswell. There’s full day and night cycle in the game and you can choose to play your missions or do other stuff either in day time or night time. Going out on day or night has it’s own set of pros and cons. If you choose to go out on day prepare to face other people with guns trying to kill you and if you choose to deal with those people silently you can use the darkness to your advantage but then again at night the monsters comes out. Loot will also varies depending on the time you choose to go out. You can also go gun blazing or take a much stealthier approach. Again each has their own rewards, bullets are scarce in higher difficulty and you would be better off using your knife or items that can be retrieved after shooting.

Now let’s talk about the most important part of the game and that is Metro’s weapon system. Well to put things in perspective let’s just say with proper parts and scope you can turn your hand gun into a mid-long range sniper rifle or your assault rifle into a powerful shotgun. There are tons and tons of customisation for your weapons. You just don’t clean your weapon and make it work perfectly, NO, here the parts in your weapons falls out right before your eyes from usage. You gotta change your weapon parts and clean them otherwise your weapon will get stuck in a middle of a fight and that can result in your death. It’s not only weapons, you need to change your gas mask filter, tape the glass of your mask if it breaks, charge your night vision googles which makes you do proper planning before you go into a firefight. You can feel the effects of upgrading or downgrading your weapons but to me the weapons still sounded a little underwhelming, I still felt like it was missing the oomph that it needed.


Metro Exodus lived upto the hype and some more


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