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Mortal Kombat 11 Review

Mortal Kombat is a game that’s been in the gaming industry as for long as I can remember and it maybe the only game that’s never been challenged or you can say no other game could take its place.

So, what could a game bring new to the table who’s been on the game for that long? The answer is, a lot and we are going to discuss just that.

Let’s talk about graphics first, you would be surprised to know that this game was made on unreal engine 3, the same engine they used to make Mortal Kombat 9, yes that’s correct MK9. Programmers has confirmed that they used a custom version of unreal engine 3. Of course, it’s a custom version of the engine but the graphics, the level of details, character design, level design are so beautiful that its really hard to believe that it isn’t made on the newest unreal engine 4.

Story, now Mortal Kombat was always much more of a 2D style fighting game than a story narrated one, but this time NetherRealm Studios took a leap forward into storyline and made MK11 a much more story driven game than its predecessors ever was. MK11 actually has more than 5 hours of cinematics in the game in between the fights and that’s a lot for a fighting game like this. The story of MK11 isn’t a time waster either, it’s a very interesting one. The story picks up where MK10 left off. The best thing about MK11 storyline and cinematics is the developer has given almost all the characters in the roster ample amount of screen time. The voice acting, cinematics, funny scenes are great. So, even thought your hand will itch to play during the cutscenes, you wouldn’t be bored watching them.

Gameplay, MK11 is as Mortal Kombat as it gets, everything you love about MK is there and more, but what’s new? Well, let’s start with the game’s pace. MK11 is much slower than the previous MK games, the running mechanic has been removed and even the pacing of walking has been slowed but that’s not a bad thing. The pace of the game helped the game to be more tactical, it gives player time to think and skilled player can actually use their skill instead of just running and spamming.

One of the biggest change in the game is the meter, it is now separated from under the health meter and divided in two parts, one is for offence and one is for defence. Both offence and defence meter has their own abilities. You can use the defence meter for different combo breaking moves, environmental interaction and more. Offensive meter can be used to increase damage, adding more to special moves to open more combo opportunity and stuff like that.

Crushing blow is another new addition to the game. It can be triggered in different situation like when you perfectly counter your opponent’s attack, it will cost the enemy a lot of health and also open them up for a even bigger combo, all without using any of your meter. This also adds a whole new dimension for skilled players. The X-ray or fatal blow has also been removed from meter altogether and now can only be triggered when your health reaches to 30%, to me it also makes things very interesting near the end of every match.

Customizing is a very big part of the game and NetherRealm has bought Injustice 2 style customization in here, unfortunately the best thing that could’ve been MK11’s biggest plus is now MK11’s biggest minus. Each player in the game has close to 60 skin and 90 customizable gear with 10 or more abilities, you also have tons of victory pose, entry and exit animation aswell. Sounds great right? But how do you get them? The simple answer here is you grind, and the grind is sometime way more than in any RPG game. You basically need to go to the Krypt, solve puzzle, find chest, spend coin to open those chest, complete challenge tower, do character specific tower for character specific item and mind you coins are really hard to earn and it takes a shit ton of coins to open or buy basically anything in the game and those towers I was talking about? Those will be almost impossible to finish even for the most skilled players. Everything about customization just screams microtransaction. VG247 also confirmed that it would take 3,390 hours or over $6,440 in real cash to unlock everything.

I know a lot of you just care about online and I have good news. Everything about online is great in this game. You have tons of modes to choose from. You have your casual match, ranked, king of the hill and much more. You also have a new mode where you can sit back and watch fights against enemy AI with your own customized AI. The netcode in the game is amazing, on my playtime I never faced any lag even when my network bar was very low.

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If you don’t mind the grind this could very well be the greatest MK in your life


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