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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Hands-On Preview

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is turn based open adventure game, it’s a bit like x-com and a bit your regular action-adventure game with action being available when you go to your turn-based mode. Now before I begin, I’d like to say that I’ve never been a turn-based game fan, in fact this is the first turn-based strategy game I’ve ever played in my life.

Now with that being said, this game has managed to change my view about turn-based action strategy game and I’ll tell you why but before we go into that let me give you a bit of background of the game. So, in this game you play as mutants, humans have disappeared but in their place these half human and half animals came (We still don’t know a lot about the background as it was just a demo). Now our goal is to salvage for our base and fight bad guys, bosses, find our friends who got lost and stuff like that.

Before we jump into gameplays let’s talk a bit about graphics and sound. I’ve played the game on pc and the game managed to pull 4K 60fps easy on epic settings. It’s graphically beautiful and the sound and voice are amazing. Throughout the whole gameplay the characters would talk to each other and themselves to give a really good idea of what’s happening in the world and also a tons of backstory about when there was human living in the world. The sound and music will changes when you switch from adventure mode to combat mode.

Now let me tell you guys why it changed my views of turned based strategy game, it’s the combat, it’s the engagement and how the game plays. You get to engage in fight from a distance if you want to or if the enemy spots you first you get into engagement automatically but then the enemy gets the first turn. In the demo we played with 3 players at once I think maybe in launch they would extend it to 4 players, I’m not sure. You can split up and attack from different direction at one enemy or you can engage several enemies at once. The game will also tell you the visibility of the enemy from your position also how much damage you can cause the enemy from your position and weapon. The best thing about the game is how you engage in fight and how you plan and execute your attack. You can either go unplanned and end up in a messy fight which doesn’t look good and you have a great chance of dying or you can play one mission several time to find that sweet perfect plan and execute it perfectly which will give you immense satisfaction and an awesome professional looking fight, basically what I’m trying to say here is this game has got a lot of reply value.

There is a skill tree system present in the game which works wonderfully, you can increase your health, stamina, you can give yourself special ability like flying and stuff you can also pickup armors, helmet and stuff like that which will visually change the look of your character as well as give you the perks that comes with the particular item.


Player’s who never tried turn-based strategy game because either they are too complicated or hard for you, this game is for you. It can change your view about that genre of game


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