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RAGE 2 Review

Do you love mad action packed game where the most fun you can have is in running around shooting enemies, doing some mad fast and furious action scene with vehicular combat? Then this is the game for you because that’s all you are gonna get out of it.

Rage 2 picks up where the original left off. On the start screen you are offered to choose between a male or a female protagonist. The choice you are given here is really just there for the sake of it as it doesn’t bring any narrative change or any change in story or style in the game, so I wouldn’t be really bothered by character selection here.

Let’s talk about the open world first, because this is what RAGE 2 bought completely new to the table. The post-apocalyptic world looks really good and vibrant and it is really big but big doesn’t always mean better and that’s the case here. The world offers activities to do but they aren’t enough. I always felt like there was an emptiness in the game world while I was driving from point A to point B, I felt like a couple of random NPC in the road, random activities popping up here and there to distract you from going to your mission would make the world a lot better than it is now.

Gunplay/Combat & abilities is where Rage 2 shines and is at its best. The works of ID software shows here. The Doom like fast paced gameplay with various weapons and abilities really makes this game one of the best shooter game I’ve played this year. Talking about weapons, the game provides a fair amount of weapon for you to choose and bring havoc with. Firing the weapon feels great, the feedback of the weapons are amazing and the impact of weapon on enemies are absolutely fantastic to look at. Enemies react to each weapons differently, the ragdoll physics here does a tremendous job. Enemies are ripped into pieces with shotgun shell, goes flying with rocket launchers and gives that shattered shaky feelings with assault rifles with each bullet hitting different parts of their body. The weapons here isn’t just your basic weapons, almost all the weapons has an alternative fire mode like shotgun can be used for long range and you can lock onto enemies with rocket launcher alternative fire mode and stuff like that.

Abilities plays a big role in this game, to start it off you have the fast dodge ability to dodge away from critical situations to avoid getting hit by melee attacks and stuff. Then there is double jump, a force push and ground smash, mix it all together with gunplay in overdrive mode where your health regenerates and your weapon does more damage, you get a mental warfare that you won’t get in any other games.

I have to talk about upgrades when I talk about guns and abilities because everything in this game has an upgrade even upgrade itself has upgrades. Each gun has upgrades, each abilities has their own upgrades, your allies has their own upgrade tree and your car has upgrades and these are not useless upgrade, with each new upgrades you unlock new abilities for your guns and cars and abilities, for example when you double jump you can hover into air for longer times, you can reduce the damage you take from enemies bullet or maybe you want to have faster reload times. All of these comes with upgrades.

Story, Rage 2 doesn’t take story too seriously I mean it’s there, but you wouldn’t notice it and its all about killing goons anyway and killing goons in different ways is what I love about the game. The total runtime of the game is around 12 hours which is kinda disappointing for an open world game like this and the side mission doesn’t add any value to the game at all. I found myself just going for the arc missions to open arc chests for weapon and car parts, other than that even the game doesn’t encourage you to go and do the side activities. There are some road activities that you can enjoy like convoy attacks and race but they quickly gets boring after a while and there isn’t a ton of it on the road anyway, its just plain driving from one end of the map to another.

Graphics, I’ve played the game on ps4 pro so from that perspective the game looked great but not without hiccups. There were a tons of texture popping here and there and the game struggled to maintain a steady 60fps, but mostly it stays on a playable framerate and I feel like that’s due to the aged hardware in ps4, I’ve seen people playing it on the pc with much better graphics and performance all across the board. Character models looks good from far but no so much up close. Level design is cleverly done and each area has a different flavour to it, it’s not a copy/paste work.

Since we were talking about issues I’d like to point out that there are several a audio bug in the game, sometime characters would just move their lips but nothing comes out, sometime you still here booms and bangs of fights you left ages ago and sometime some dialogue just disappears. I believe all of these can be fixed with a patch.

The difficulty of the game is well balanced and does what it shows on the paper. There are a wide range of enemies in the game like melee, armoured, heavy, one that carries explosives and one that throw explosives at you with a baseball bat and all of them has different traits and fighting style but some time the enemy AI can be as dumb as a rock forgetting their surroundings and stuff even the fact that they were just fighting me and as soon as I moved they would just stand still.

Overall if doom style gameplay is your thing and you are good at mixing weapons and abilities and find unique ways of killing your enemies then this is the game for you.


You either love RAGE 2 or you hate it, there is no in between

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