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Razer Seiren X Review

Razer products always tends to be on the expensive side like Apple but people still buy them because they are luxurious and works quite well too. Razer Seiren X is a slightly different approach than any of their other products. Razer Seiren X is available for £99/$99 which puts it right alongside the more popular Blue Yeti.

Design: Razer products are known for their stylish minimalistic look and this one isn’t any different. The Razer Seiren X looks absolutely fantastic. It isn’t bold but minimalistic, it isn’t multi-coloured, neither does it have RGB lighting but it is black and elegant (although Razer did add a few different colours after launch) and that’s what I love about the design. It’s a pretty straight forward-looking mic which would go with any kind of setup. There is no point talking about the packaging because if you’ve ever used any Razer products you would know they do best in the class packaging. The packaging includes the mic, the stand, the tube that connects the mic with the stand and a usb cable and all of them were neatly packaged and protected by foam each in their own compartment.

Audio Quality: It’s a superdioid mic which basically means it only picks up noise from only one angle and for most of us that’s a good thing because it helps reducing the noise from all the other angles like your surroundings and noise far from where you are sitting. Even though it picks up sound from one angle it doesn’t mean it doesn’t pick any noise from your keyboard, mouse or the occasional bashing happens due to your leg hitting the table and stuff like that but that’s mainly due to the stand it comes with. You will need a mic stand and a few other attachments in order to completely isolate the sound of your voice from other noises. The mic has an USB interface which usually means its easy to setup, basically plug & play but that also means it loses the potential to run the mic into an audio interface. The Seiren X works and sound really well when you are able to record your voice in complete isolation but not as good as the blue yeti as I feel like yeti is able to capture my voice full in tone but for the price I think it’s a really good on the go mic and it’s really simple to use.

The mic was provided by Razer for review


Overall for the price, voice clarity and simplicity this mic is definitely recommendable for beginner streamers who doesn’t want the fuss of setting up the mic and optimize their voice using different features of the mic or the software that comes with it. However, if you want more functionality form your mic at the same price point Yeti still holds its crown but if razer could lower its price a bit more it would be an easier choice to make.

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