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Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

So one of the most awaited game of this year is here, but how did it do? Is it gonna live upto your expectation? Or it is just another money grabbing remake? How does it compare with its predecessor? How loyal is it to the classic? I will answer all of that today and help you decide whether or not its worth your hard-earned money.

Resident Evil 3 Remake takes place almost at the same time as Resident Evil 2 Remake which means you will get to revisit places you have visited with Leon & Claire which feels really great. You will also find a few short stories and logs which will answer a few questions you had in RE2 remake.

The most important thing Resident Evil fans would want to know is how faithful the game is to its classic counterpart and how much of a survival mechanic from RE2 remake made its way back to this game. Well if you are survival horror fan then you would be happy to know that just like RE2 remake, managing inventory space carefully and making sure you have enough ammo and health kits available to you at all times is the key to survive here aswell. Going back and forth in the game world when you find tools to unlock doors and storage are still rewarding and there’s always that chance of getting grabbed by a zombie when you least expect it. I would’ve loved it way more if it was kinda semi open world this time around but unfortunately, it’s the same as RE2 remake.

The major events from Resident Evil 3 classic made its way back to this remake but I’m very sad to see that a really big chunk of the game is missing here for example the clock tower, the grave digger boss battle and a few other locations. The playtime would have been much more if those were added in the game. I didn’t see any zombie crow either.

Talking of zombies, they are much more challenging this time around and can overwhelm you easily when they are in groups but the main protagonist has a skill of her own, she is very agile on her feet and can dodge away from the enemies. If you can perform a perfect doge you would also get a small slow mo window where you can shoot the enemies down or just get away from them. To keep the game interesting, they have added a second playable protagonist this time around and the game switches between the two frequently. Just like Jill, Carlos has a ability of this own. He can punch zombies so hard that they literally fly from one end of the room to other. I felt like superman punching zombies around like that.

People who have read the review so far must be thinking, hey! this guy haven’t talked about “you know who” yet. Well, I saved the best for last or should I say the worst? Nemesis is Mr X of RE3 Remake or is he? Nemesis is a big guy and has more ways to kill you than Mr X, for example he can use weapons and he has a tentacle on this arm which he can use to pull you close to him. Not only that, this guy transforms several times in the game, each time getting bigger and scarier than the last time you met him or thought you killed him. But what’s the point of all that might if you don’t even show up in the game? That’s right, Nemesis doesn’t show up in the game randomly like Mr X and that’s the worst part of the game for me. I was always scared when playing RE2 remake because I knew Mr X can pop up any second in any part of the game but unfortunately that doesn’t happen with RE3 Remake, for some reason capcom has decided to limit his appearance to boss fight only. The best time you are gonna have with nemesis is when you are in downtown, that’s the only time he will pop up randomly but that time is really really short. Talking of short, the game is only about 4-5 hours long and that is with all the backtracking, it can be maximized to maybe 6 hours if you play on harder difficulty. To me that’s really short but a game’s success can’t be judged based on it’s length if everything else is better than average which is not the case here. They have taken a few shortcuts with the game which makes it an average but if only they added the missing parts from the classic it would have greatly helped with the length, the downside of the game could’ve been easily ignored. To make it even worse, they have removed almost all the puzzles from the game which would’ve add length to the game aswell.

Graphically, it is an upgrade over RE2 remake and runs fairly well even on dated hardware. I managed to pull off 60+ FPS on all settings on max on 1440p with a 1080Ti and 8700K. The character model, lighting and usage of shadow are much better here. However, I do see a bit of issue with the lip syncing which is not expected from a title like this.

Veteran fans of Resident Evil knows how much they loved Mercenaries mode in the original RE3, unfortunately capcom has decided to remove it from the game aswell. Instead they have given us Resident Evil Resistance, which is basically a 4v1 survivors vs mastermind multiplayer game where you have to do certain objective as survivors and the mastermind will try to stop you. The game isn’t bad but I don’t see myself playing it for a long time as it quickly gets very repetitive.

Overall tho, I still think core Resident Evil fans will love the game as it has tons of stuff to enjoy and to re-live the memories of our childhood but truly it feels more like a cheesy horror movie game than a Resident Evil horror survival game.

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Take a bit more time with your remakes Capcom and slowly but surely you guys will be able to create another masterpiece like Resident Evil 2 Remake

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