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Snakebyte Gaming Seat Review

A Refreshing new addition to the world of gaming chairs

Admit it We are overwhelmed by the amount of chairs are in the market claiming to be gaming chairs. Hell, some of them are not even on par with the office chairs let alone gaming chairs. The chairs that are good, cost an arm and a leg. So what do you do in this situation? well you read this review simple.

Let me introduce to you a gaming chair that maybe only a few of you or maybe none of you heard about before. It’s called Snakebyte Gaming Seats. It cost around 160 British pounds, I found it on a website called Groupon but it’s kinda hard to find anywhere else as the company themselves are based in Germany but I’m sure if you look hard enough you will find one elsewhere.

Let’s start with the colors first, you don’t get that much of a variety you get with other chairs and I don’t know why they went with 2 almost same color. So they have blue, lime green and a yellowish color. I personally like the blue one the most as it doesn’t have the neon vibe like the other two colors.

The build quality of the chair is absolutely fantastic, no loose parts, no parts sticking out of place, none of that. The assembly is bit of a headache if you never assembled a chair before as the instruction is pretty much useless.

The material used on the chair are top notch aswell, the black parts are made with leather like material while the colored accent are made with fishnet like material which seems very durable and it’s designed like snake’s scale. There’s one logo on top of the chair and one branding on the headrest both are stitched really well and stands out in the chair.

Comfort is amazing, I’m writing this review after a month using the chair and I game at least 6+ hours a day everyday, so I guess you can tell that I’ve sat on the chair enough to pass that judgement. The headrest and lumber pillow are placed on the right places and can be moved to your preference. The most surprising thing about the chair is the leg rest. I haven’t seen any other gaming chair that comes with a leg rest, you can literally make this chair into a bed and sleep on it.

Ergonomics of the chair is absolutely mad. You can adjust everything you see in every single way possible. Not only you can just adjust the height and how much you can lean back but you can adjust the arm rest, it can go up and down, back and forth, it rotates and it slides forward and backward, don’t know why you would need that many options but this chair has it all.

One of the best

This is by far one of the best chair you can get for the price, the options, comfort and the quality of the material is absolutely a no-brainer for this price tag.

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