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Snakebyte Mouse Ultra Review

Snakebyte is a company that almost none of you have ever heard before but it is a company worth noticing. We have reviewed their gaming seat and it was one of the best gaming seat in the market at that time. Today we are gonna look at another great addition to their gaming accessories collection, Game Mouse Ultra. Yes, I know how the name sounds but don’t judge just yet, do give this review a read if you are looking for a mouse that will last you a lifetime.

When you first look at the box, you’d think its just your regular mouse but when you look at the price you’d think wait, why is it this expensive? Well, there are tons of reason to why this is as expensive as other well known gaming mouse brands i.e steelseries, corsair and such. My duty is to tell you what makes this mouse different and if it’s worth the price.

To start it off, it has a PMW3360 chipset. It’s the one you will find in steelseries 700 series and it has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, so they aren’t using cheap stuff. It has 5 programmable button and ofcourse RGB. The RGB and the buttons are fully customizable via their snakebyte software. Everyone loves RGB but we know a few companies that goes over the top with their RGB, not snakebyte tho, They have cleverly put the RGB strip all around the mouse and the strip is really thin , it’s done in a way that when you use the mouse your hand will cover a lot of it but not all if it. Now the thing that I’ve never seen any other mouse did before is the customizable top cover of the mouse. If you buy the mouse all you have to do is send them your invoice with the logo you want, and you will be provided with a second swappable cover for your mouse.

Now that we know what’s inside the mouse, what can be done with it and how customizable it is, its time to move onto more serious matter. A gaming mouse is all about the feels. How does it feels to hold it? how heavy is it? how well does it glides onto the surface? and how does the button feels? Well, Snakebytes gets a 10 out of 10 in the feelings section as this mouse is as durable as it gets. Everything about this mouse feels really rigid and firm. The body is made out of matt plastic so it won’t have fingerprint issue. The rubberized grip on both sides of the mouse makes it easier to grip and make you more precise when gaming. The buttons are clicky and tactile, they aren’t as loud as other mouse tho, they feel just right. The extended left side is bliss for thumb rest and I’ve found myself using it the most. The weight of the mouse is also adjustable so if you feel like your mouse is too heavy you can always remove 12 gram of weight from the mouse as there are 3 weight coins inside the mouse each weighing 4 grams. The cable is braided so you don’t have to worry about irritating bends or loops.

We are now at the part where you ask “but is it worth it?” Well, it’s a YES from me. Some might say you can get better mouse for that price point, I’d say what those other mouse has that this doesn’t? if anything it has more than any other mouse currently have. A swappable cover with your own logo, RGB, braided cable, weight adjustment, high quality material, fully customizable lights and buttons, oh and 5 years of warranty with all that too. So I’d say it definitely worth the price tag.

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If you aren't looking for branded gaming mouse that you've always heard of, then go of this mouse, you won't regret it. Brand is not always the answer


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