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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

We all know first impression matters right? Well, this game is all about that first impression. I didn’t have any expectation from the game before I started playing it because of well, we didn’t have a good Star War game in ages and whatever we had only managed to brought my hope down and I gave up thinking that we can ever have a good Star Wars game.

Anyway, so I started playing it with a feeling that I’d be put off in under an hour and maybe just avoid doing a review for this game altogether. So, an hour passed I’ve finished the prologue and I was like what the hell did I just play (in a good way). The first impression of the game had me blown away and I was literally craving for more but unfortunately the rest of the journey didn’t go too well (I’ll explain)

Let’s start with the graphics first, you have a very limited number of graphical settings on pc and I can only think of one reason for that and that is the game was designed for consoles but as long as the game looks and runs great I don’t care what it was designed for. The game runs great on 2K 60fps on my 8700K & 1080 Ti but it has massive optimization issue that needs to be fixed. The game runs smoothly but it has massive stutters while going to a new area or just randomly, it isn’t anything game breaking but when it happens damn it happens badly but the game itself looks amazing.

Story wise it’s not amazing but it’s not bad either. You start off as a Jedi who has been supressing his force and living under the radar then one day the inquisitors finds out about him attacks him and then he gets saved by good guys and then the protagonist and their journey starts and he and his team travels around planet to planet to restore the Jedi Empire. The problem with the story though it starts with a bang and then slows down tremendously and then when it starts to get interesting again it ends. The NPCs are boring and there’s limited amount of cutscenes in the game, the most interesting NPC in the game is the little droid I have as an companion.

The gameplay is a refreshing new take, it’s not like dark souls or sekiro but it could have been so much better. The game has more of a Tomb Raider or Uncharted feelings to it. To me the combat felt really dull and boring because there are very limited amount of enemies, a few more enemy variety would have been so much better. Combat is very limited and simple, its much more button mashing than tactical approach. Now because I’m a Jedi I expected to have a lot of powers and ways to defeat my enemies but in this game all you have is push, pull and slow down as your force power and that’s all. You do get to unlock dual lightsaber at some point but there’s no backstory to it also the game missed an great opportunity here as the single lightsaber and the dual one has completely different combos and the sad thing about it is you can’t mix them up in fight.  I would’ve loved a few more force power like mind control, lightening and stuff like that to mix it up in combat along with more special combos coming from single and dual lightsaber to apply to more enemy varieties.

Level design is really clever here and its really fun exploring. You will find yourself coming back to same planet again and again after unlocking new powers as you will need different force power to unlock different areas in a planet. There are no microtransaction in the game so all the unlockables in the game can be found by exploring hidden areas. You can find tons of skins for your droid, lightsaber and poncho. You can also find health stem which you can put inside your droid and use it in combat.

There game has 4 difficulty level which goes from piss easy to impossible. At the highest difficulty level enemies can basically one hit kill you and parry timing is minimum. You can save your game in meditation point which is very similar to Dark souls bonfire & Tomb Raiders camp. You can also spend your skill point here which you earn by killing enemies or finding force echos in hidden areas.

There are puzzles in the game which are simple enough but there are always people like me who can’t solve even the easiest puzzle to save their life so if you are someone like me, there is nothing to worry about as if you spend sometime and can’t figure out the puzzle you can ask your droid to help and he will give you a hint about how to solve the puzzle.

Now the question stands, how good is the game? Is it forced unleased good? Is it Jedi Academy good? NO but it isn’t bad either, this is basically tomb raider or uncharted with lightsaber and it works for me just fine.

The review copy of the game has been provided by the publishers


The game has potential to be a lot more than it already is, add a bit more to the story, tweak the combat system and I think Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 will be a great game.

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