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Terminator Resistance Review

Do you guys remember Rambo video game that came out a few years ago? Yeah everyone knows how big of disaster that was right? Terminator Resistance is made by them so before going further into the review I’d like to advice you guys to keep your expectation low and you will be surprised how good the game actually is, also fan of the original Terminator 1 & 2 movie should definitely stick around for the full review as this game is simply a treat for the movie fans.

Without spoiling the story much game is set before Terminator 1 & 2 movies. You are a resistance fighter and all your group has died by the hands of Terminators and your mission is to find your commanding officer and help them shut down Skynet. This is a single player only games with 10 hour of playtime or so if you choose to do the side missions.

Graphically the game looks like it’s been made 10 years ago. However, together with the lighting system and atmospheric sound the game manages to pull off a few moments where it does looks really great, specially at the night time. The gun textures could have been way better too but this isn’t a really game from a huge studio with hundreds of people working for them, so we can’t really expect next gen graphics.

Gameplay is fun but it’s too easy on the normal difficulty. The first few hour of the game is really balanced because you only get to play with human guns i.e pistol, uzi, shotgun which only effects smaller and inferior enemy type but doesn’t have any effects on the terminators. Thus, you have to avoid them altogether until you find laser guns and when you do find them the game just drops on difficulty level. You can collect scraps from the game world and use them to craft items like bullets, health pack, lockpicks and stuff like that. You can also collect weapon chips from the enemies you have killed to upgrade your weapons. When you kill enemies and complete mission you get XP points which you can then spend as skill points. The skill tree is really basic, all you can do there is increase your health, your weapon damage, your crafting knowledge and stuff like that. There are plenty of resources lying around the world so you wouldn’t really feel like playing the game using stealth as you will always have enough bullets and health packs to destroy anyone that comes in your path. The game has a bit of RPG elements aswell. You can talk to people and choose to be good or bad to them, you can choose your own dialogue and the ending of the game will somewhat depends on the choices you made.

The voice acting in this game is awful, there is no other way of saying that, it just felt lazy to me. The NPC will give you a good chunk of story if you talk to them. They will also request to do stuff for them, whether or not you choose to do them is completely upto you but I found that the side missions are always on the way to your main mission, so why not just do them? I understand that the voice acting wasn’t motion captures but the lip syncing could have been better as most of the time it feels like the NPCs are saying something and their lips are saying something else.

Even though the voice acting doesn’t live up to expectation the sound and music more than makes up for it. The devs used so many soundtracks from the original Terminator movies and they even tweaked it a lot to go with the game. Fan of the original movies will definitely appreciate the soundtrack they used in the game. I feel like they have created a whole new batch of soundtracks specially for the game which is similar to the original soundtrack but better and the way they put the music in the game is just amazing, they all fit in really nicely.

The best part of the game lies inside its usage of source material. I haven’t seen a movie licenced game being so true to the source in any other game. I can’t emphasize on this enough that if you are fan of the movie, no matter how bad the game is or how bad some reviewer says the game is, you as a fan will be happy with the game because it is filled with moments that you once loved in the movies.

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It’s a game for particular group of people, fans of Terminator movies will enjoy the game more than the people who isn’t

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