The Day Before: A New Open-World MMO Survival Game Is In the Horizon..

The Day Before is an open-world MMO zombie survival is being developed by FNTASTIC, a russian developer famous for Dead Dozen, The Wild Eight and Radiant One which are mostly story-driven top-down games.

Announced a week ago with a gameplay-only Announcement trailer from the Youtube Channel of FNTASTIC, it has turned a lot of head in the gaming communities as well as the content creators since.

The video starts with a character riding an SUV and pulling over at an intersection to look for supplies in some broken-down cars. Then the player enters a nearby grocery shop to find more supplies and then He encounters some other hostile players, a fight breaks out between them. Also, the player encounters some zombies along the way and the action continues for the rest of the video which is around five minutes long.

From the publisher MYTONA, The Day Before is a mix of The Last of Us, Days Gone and The Division where players can play with a character in a third-person perspective and since it’s an open-world MMO, players can engage with other players at any time in the game just like the Dark Zone from The Division.


The game description reads, “You wake up alone in a world you no longer remember, setting out to find answers and the resources to survive.” You would have to survive by searching for supplies or scavenge vehicles, houses and many other vast areas throughout the game world. Player would also have to avoid the infected which are zombies and also other hostile players who can harm you.

According to the game’s website, the game is set to include realistic weapons and stunningly detailed vehicles that players can roam around the city as well as outside the city area.

In The Day Before, players won’t always have to live on the edge as, according to the official website, players can find colonies of survivors and take part in the restoration of the former society and also can sell their loot and communicate safely with other players.


Currently, the game only announced for PC via Steam and there’s no news about a console release whatsoever. According to VG247, the game is set to release during Q2, 2021 via Steam on PC. Wishlist now on Steam to get it as soon as it is available.

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