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The Division 2 Review

Many have tried to introduce shooting & looting game in past months and years and almost none of them were able to pull a good launch, even the predecessor of Division 2 took a very long time to get there. Division 2 is a game that is complete from the get go. A perfect launch I would say. Let’s explain why. 

Let’s first talk about how the game looks and feels. Graphics are absolutely fantastic the world looks amazing and the character details are top notch. Division 2 is set in Washington DC and is a refreshing change from snowy Manhattan, don’t get me wrong I loved the snow too and would love to see some kind of snow in DC aswell. Yeah there is no snow this time around but the dynamic weather more than makes up for it.  Everything from rain to fog to dirt effects the environment around you and it also changes the game as it effects your visibility. Every little area in the game is full of details and the world is full of activities. You will find allies and enemies roaming and fighting each other in the world and you can choose to join them or ignore them, everything has an organic feel to it.

Story, it wasn’t the strongest point of the previous game and it isn’t all that here. Division 2 shines in side mission, for example, you go on a main mission and you hear radio chatter or someone talking about taking over a base or kidnapping someone and u decide to bust in and take that base or save that guy and then one thing leads to another and you find yourself doing another side mission that’s related to the mission you are currently doing and it all feels very organic also the reaction you get for them when you go to your main base is awesome.

A great deal of attention was put in enemy NPC in this game and is improved a lot since the original game.  There are tons of different kinds of enemy in the game, some may run towards you to melee attack you, some may try to snipe you from afar, some may try to glue you in certain position and some may try to flush you out using drones and grenades. Things gets even more interesting when the game sends you different types of enemies all together and make you use your skills and tactics more carefully as you won’t be able to survive just by running and gunning. Enemy will now show more reaction to bullet impact; you will actually be able to see the bullet hitting the enemy and they will react to how and where the bullet hit them. Some enemy has armor attached to them and the feeling you get when you shoot off that armor and it goes flying is very satisfying. The only problem I have with NPC characters are how some of them looks and their terrible lip syncing other than that and enemy getting hit by every obstacle when they panic, everything is fine.

Weapons, upgrading & skills also been improved a lot since Division. You play main missions, side mission, explore areas and all of that kind of stuff and you earn experience points and that’s how you upgrade your weapons. Every weapon has various attachments and unique upgrades that requires SHD, an in-game currency you can find in the game world. Weapon sounds has been improved too. Each weapon has their own unique sound which actually suits each guns power and sometime even how it looks. The directional sounds are pretty darn awesome too if you have a surround sound headset or speaker.  

Skills are a big part of the game too, it’s basically an extra weapon like turret, mine, human seeking bomb and stuff. You can also upgrade them to make them react in a different way. It isn’t necessary to upgrade it to the max and use it as it doesn’t mean it will suit your playstyle, you will sometime have to sacrifice range for power or vice versa. Each level has its own pros and cons and you will choose what you like the most. There are different mods to those weapons which can further change the weapons and its abilities.  

For the people who played division or similar game, knows the fun begins after the game finishes. Once you finish the campaign and hit level 30, a force named black tusk will come and take everything from you, all the bases, areas everything will be under their control and it will be your job to fight against them and get better loot. After the end game you will also get to choose 1 out of 3 classes, Sniper, Crossbow, Grenade Launcher which means now you have even more progress to make for each class. It’s basically a never-ending battle for better look and weapons.

There are 3 Dark zones this time around and loots and missions are well balanced and are adjusted in a way so that it doesn’t feel like you are grinding without a purpose. The difficulty levels are also very balanced aswell. Solo experience is way better than it was in Division, so for the players who doesn’t want to play with random people or friends, they won’t feel like this game is not for them.  

The game is already great and it can be way better than it already is with its post launch contents. Ubisoft has made a solid foundation to build upon contents after contents. Where the game goes from here, it all depends on those contents.  


Division 2 is a successor to it's predecessor in every way with a chance to be even better than it already is with it's post launch contents.


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