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World War Z Game Review

Let’s admit it, when the first trailer of World War Z came out, the first thing that came to our mind is left 4 dead. Why? Because we’ve been wanting that game for a thousand years now but is world war z the left 4 dead we’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out.

So, what is World War Z? it’s a game based on a movie (well not really) that came out on 2013 which has the same title as the game. It’s a 3rd person 4-player co-op game where you have to fight against hordes of zombie with either 3 of your friends or AI or a mixture of both.

We have seen many co-op games where you get to fight zombies or aliens or people, what’s so different about this one? Well, first of all this game has zombie hordes like no one has ever seen before, if you watched the movie you would know what I’m talking about. I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the trailer and the hordes of zombies, I really didn’t think they could pull it off without ruining the games performance but to my surprise they did and they did it well.

The horde mechanics works really well in this game. Zombies climbs on top of each other and makes pyramid to reach high places. They stumble upon each other while running and falls down when taking rough corners and shortcuts it all seems very movie like. Me mindful though, the zombies could come from anywhere from a door that was completely shut a moment ago to raining on top of you from rooftop or the floor above you.

I’m sure by now everyone is going crazy to know how the game performs, since the devs literally put way too much zombies in one screen. Well, I bear good news. Although the fps is locked to 30 in consoles, which however, isn’t bad in this case as the fps is very stable all across the board. PC is where the game shines. I was able to run the game on 4K 60FPS with no fps drops whatsoever (1080ti & 8700K) If the fps is unlocked it goes upto 100 fps. I have a feeling that even a lower spec pc will be able to run in smoothly. Now, some might think since the optimization on this game is really good, the graphics might not be all that, not the case here. Graphics are fantastic, even better than what we saw in the trailer. Everyone who’s reading this now must be wondering how they achieved such a thing? Putting hundreds of zombies in one place, have great graphics and good optimization? Well, while I can’t say for sure but I can see a few stuff that might have helped them achieved this result. For one, the explosions on this game aren’t all that, they don’t have that graphical impact on the game and bodies of the zombies disappear very quickly after getting killed.

Let’s talk about a bit more about the game. The game lets you play in 4 cities in the world, Moscow, New York, Jerusalem & Tokyo and you get to choose 1 of 4 players to play with, surprisingly they have added various choices of player in all 4 maps rather than being generic and pretend that you flew to those cities just to kill all the zombies. The game itself is very short but I imagine you would be coming back to play it again and again due to the games skill system and various difficulty. There are six classes to choose from gunslinger, hell raiser, medic, fixer, slasher & exterminator, each has their own set of skills and perks and you would want to try all of them and upgrade them to the max and in order to do that you would have to reply the game.

There are a few types of zombies in the game, most of them are just bullet sponges and can be killed with just one shot. There are some special zombies that can be dangerous if you let it come too close, then there are gas zombies which can hurt you if you blast them too close and then there’s screamers which can call hordes if you don’t deal with them quickly. Also there are no bosses in the game which kinda sucks, I would love to see some bosses thrown here and there.

Teamplay is very important in this game, since all 4 players has different skills and the horde just never stops coming so if one of you dies then the circle breaks and it would be very hard to recover from that. I would recommend you to play this game with your friends or any real person though because the AI are a stupid bunch. They can fight for you and shoot enemies but they can’t play objective, they can’t even open a door or carry a box to save their life. Stealth also works in this game so if you and your team can manage playing silently with silenced gun and melee weapons then you would find yourself in a better position than you would if you go all gun blazing.

Bugs wise, there aren’t too many. I did find gun sounds going completely silent when things got too crazy and it happened to me in more than one occasion. I also find lack of checkpoint a bit irritating, I mean if it was in higher difficulties, I would understand but for players who isn’t as good as the rest of us it may be a bit of hassle to start from the very beginning if you die.


World War Z is a kind of a game that despite being very short you will be playing it multiple times.

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