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Zombotron Hands-On Preview

Zombotron is a 4th installment of its series and a full remake. It’s a completely new game so instead of calling it Zombotron 4 or Zombotron remake, they are calling it just Zombotron. Now, I haven’t played or knew about any of the previous game so I will talk about what I feel about this one.

Zombotron is an arcade shooter with a twist and the twist is it doesn’t feel like an arcade shooter at times, it feels like a full flegded triple A title, I’ll tell you why. The amount of detail devs put in this game is amazing. You start after your spaceship crashed into this unknown planet and you fight your way through different types of zombies or should I say aliens?

On your way you will kill zombies and break boxes and gain coins, different parts, armor, helmet and stuff like that which you can later on sell for more coins and when you have enough coins and you find a armory which is scattered through different areas, you will then be able to buy more powerful guns.

The body armor and helment and the other stuff you get in the game are not only their to increase your stats but it also visually shows on your body. Then there is a levelling system, after you gain enough experience by killing zombies you will level up and you will get 4 points which you can spend in 3 category Strength, Oexterity & Vitality. You can either keep everything on balance and spend your point equally or choose to spend everything in one category, depending on your playstyle.

You can damage your enemy with either shooting them, throwing grenades on them, using your melee weapon to bash their head in or you can use the environment around you to acutally kill them with stuff like, drums, explosion, gas tank, even a floor plank.

There are boss battles after like 5 stages and they are cleverly done. You can’t just shoot your way through the boss, you can’t damage them in that way. Every boss has their own unique damaging system you have to follow them in order to successfully beat them.

Overall, I’m loving the game, it is a bit hard for me sometime as I’m not really use to play this kind of game but this one got me hooked and I think I’m gonna try to push thru to the end.

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